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National Payment Systems (NPS): Definition, Clearing, &Settlement

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Custody | Payments | Compliance

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Connecting Markets was formed by leading crypto regulators, bankers, and blockchain experts to provide innovators with compliant financial infrastructure to build and scale the next generation of modern custody and payments infrastructure. Trust the Connecting Markets team with your financial infrastructure and digital assets.

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Connecting Markets NPS

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• $11.8 trillion is held in NPS accounts.
• $1+ trillion of new money annually.


As a BSA-subject institution we take responsibility for KYC, AML, sanctions screening & other regulatory headaches.

Crypto Liquidity

We facilitate easy, instant, conversions of dollars to crypto and/or crypto to dollars.

Fraud Mitigation

Tools and options to limit or even eliminate your exposure to chargebacks and fraud.

Payment Rails

Accept and process payments via, linked bank accounts, wires, and crypto.


For individuals, businesses. Both US domestic and global.

Regulatory Security

Assets are NOT “on balance sheet”. All assets are held FBO (“for benefit of”) and segregated for each customer.


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Disclaimers and footnotes

Connecting Markets is a fintech company, not a bank.

Banking services in the U.S. provided by Evolve Bank & Trust®, member FDIC. European banking services provided by Barclays Bank, authorized by the UK Prudential Regulation Authority. Deposit insurance covers the failure of an insured bank.

Cryptocurrency services provided by UAB Connecting Markets.UAB Connecting Markets is incorporated in Lithuania, registered office at Vilnius,Zalgirio g,registration number 306728474.UAB Connecting Markets is registered as a virtual currency exchange operator and a custodian virtual currency wallet operator.

Please note that funds relating to Barclays Bank and Evolve Bank & Trust services are not FDIC insured or protected by the Visa Zero Liability Protection policy. When funds are posted to your account, e-money is issued in exchange for these funds by an Electronic Money Institution we work with. In line with regulatory requirements, Barclays Bank and Evolve Bank & Trust safeguard your funds. This means that the money behind the balance you see in your account is held at a reputable bank and, most importantly, is protected for you in the event of Barclays Bank’s, Evolve Bank & Trust’s, or our insolvency. Barclays Bank and Evolve Bank & Trust stop safeguarding your funds when the money has been paid out of your account to your beneficiary’s account.

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